Let's Celebrate Central India's Largest Literary Fest • 26th, 27th, 28th November 2021

About • ILPOS

‘Indore Literary Program Organizing Society’ is a body of eminent thinkers, intellectuals and artists of Indore. The society organizes the Indore Literature Fest under its banner every year. The main objective of the Society is to celebrate and conserve art, culture and literature and seek newer and interesting ways to make it a part of people’s lives. Art and Literature are an integral part of our culture. The Society is also committed to lead individuals, especially the youth on the literary path as it is the way to lasting knowledge, enlightenment and development of a responsible society.

ILPOS is registered with Registrar of Firms and Societies, Government of Madhya Pradesh.


‘Indore Literature Festival’ has become one of the most important events in the literary calendar of the city. Every year, this event brings a galaxy of thought-leaders to the city to inspire people with new and innovative ideas – enriching their perspective and empowering them to bring about a positive change in the society. Acclaimed poets, thinkers, writers, theatre artists, management gurus, musicians, sports personalities and other creative individuals have used the ILF platform to express their views towards the betterment of the world that we live in. The biggest success of ILF has been in creating a thriving community that enjoys a shared passion for art, culture and literature.

The festival enjoys a unique lay-out. It offers a plethora of events such as discussion and debate sessions, talks, storytelling, poetry reciting, prose reading, speeches, interviews, arguments, dialogue, theatrical shows, music sessions and felicitations. Promising something for every age and every taste, it draws the old and the young alike in vast numbers.

In a world that is being ruled by gadgets, electronic devices and on-screen apps, such literature festivals help people get out of the virtual world which is one of illusion and get in touch with the real world.

About • Hello Hindustan

Founded on 5 August 2006, ‘Hello Hindustan News & Network’ is a leading News Media Group having its fortnightly magazine and afternoon daily newspaper headquartered at Indore, India.

‘Hello Hindustan Magazine’ is a national fortnight Hindi news magazine which publishes from Indore. It is one of the most-read Hindi Magazine with a impressive circulation of 1,00,000 copies – delivering genuine & intriguing stories to its discerning readers with an uncanny knack at breaking stories. Its readership base of around 12 lac readers, pan India Hello Hindustan Newspaper it’s an afternoon daily covering entire western Madhya Pradesh.

The Newspaper, ‘Hello Hindustan’ is of 16 pages covering all the relevant National, International & Local News and analysis of the latest and vibrant happenings of the city, state, country and the world on the dint of its high quality of journalism backed with incisive & unbiased reporting.

PRAVIN SHARMA • Festival Producer

Pravin Sharma is the publisher and editor-in-chief of ‘Hello Hindustan Magazine’ and the chief executive of ‘Hello Hindustan News & Network’, a leading News Media Group. He is the founder of ‘Indore Literature Festival’ which started in the year 2015. He is the chairperson of ‘ILPOS - Indore Literary Program Organizing Society’. He was the youngest editor of Naidunia. Under his leadership, ‘Hello Hindustan Media House’ had successfully organised ‘Sarhadon Se Aagey’ a Indo–Pak Kavi Sammelan & Mushaaira, since 2010. ‘Indore Literature Festival’ is one of the sought after events of Indore and every year with the vision of Pravin Sharma, the festival spreads its magic.